Rules & Regulations

1. Open an account in Starmaker, Smule or any other similar online singing applications

2. Record a performance with video and Karaoke for not less than two minutes and update it in any of the above platforms and share a link of the same along with your Filled Application Form( Application form is available free of cost in and forward it to AIIWA official email id . Our Judgment council will scrutinize your application and evaluate your performance and if satisfied, you will be given a Lifetime Free Membership with the association. On becoming a registered member of the association you will be provided with a permanent registration number and Identity Card of AIIWA. You will be called a GREEN Category member of AIIWA. Your details and membership status will be updated in the official website of AIIWA. Thus you will become a life time member of a registered association for free of cost. AIIWA stands for the promotion of the art of musical whistling and believe in the philosophy that no artist should lose his/her opportunities just because of his incapacity to pay money for memberships and its renewal every year. So AIIWA Lifetime Membership is absolutely free of cost for all musical whistlers around the world.

3. The only condition to retain your free membership is that you must update at least two performances( SOLO) or Three performances(Group) in the online platforms mentioned above, and share them in the AIIWA social media pages every month. Failing on this condition without a valid reason approved by AIIWA will affect your membership status to be marked under yellow category. Two months consecutive violation of the above condition will cause your membership status to be marked under Orange Category and your membership will be suspended from AIIWA. A continuous three months violation of step 3 will make your membership status marked under Red Category. Being marked under the RED category your membership will get terminated. You have to approach the AIIWA Permanent Executive Council with valid reasons to reinstate such terminated accounts later and the decisions of the PEC will be final. Reinstating your terminated membership will attract fines.

AIIWA puts forward an open policy of universal acceptance. Any musical whistler who is already a member or executive committee member of any whistling or associated art can join AIIWA. AIIWA consider such membership as a positive attribute. Even there is no restrictions of any such member of any other organization to be selected as an executive committee member of AIIWA. AIIWA never demand resignation from any such organizations to work with us. We truly respect it as the matter of personal liberty of the member.

AIIWA’s main executive council is called the Permanent Executive Council which is the final authority of the association. Apart from this four other councils are created by the PEC to control and regulate the day to day functions of AIIWA as given below

1. Appointment Council – AC

2. Admin and Technical Council- ATC

3. Judging Council – JC

4. Audit and Financial Council – AFC

The responsibilities of each council is defined in the AIIWA by-law. Even the elected special members can also become executive members of AIIWA. AIIWA holds up another ideology to all its members to refrain from interfering in the personal life and affairs of the other members except the matter of whistling. And once again the major aim of AIIWA is to promote the art of musical whistling in state, national and international level and enable its members to accomplish highest aims in this form of art.